Rv info:


Every year we get asked about RV spaces at our event. So here’s the information.
We do have some limited space for RVs. The spaces are limited to 10 RVS ONLY!!!!

The first 10 people to email us at newmexicobusclubvw@gmail.com with their name and info gets the spots. After that you will be put on the waiting list.

If you get on the list and decide you cannot do it please let us know so the next available person can get that spot.
You will be informed via email if your spot is reserved.

These RVs must be pulling one VW in tow. No exceptions.

ALL camping is DRY camping. NO HOOKUPS available. ALSO… NO GENERATORS ALLOWED! This is already an urban camping environment and we wanna try and keep that kind of noise to a minimum.
RV’s and trailers will be $100 per night, per RV plus the regular camping price for your Vw.

These are the regular VW prices for the event:
Thurs-Sun $60 per VW
Fri-Sun $50 per VW
Sat-Sun $40 per VW
Day-use – $5 per person.
If you are towing a pop up camper/tent trailer with a VW it will be the same price as though you drove in two Vws.
We have very limited spaces so you must reserve spots***

If you are towing a VW to the event with a truck or whatever your VW will be the same price as anybody elses that drove there, your truck and trailer can be parked nearby in overflow no extra charge.

You can also check with Balloon Fiesta RV campground, and they might still have spots but they do have a waiting list we hear that is very long. ( https://balloonfiesta.com/RV-Information )

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